Darlac Garden Hosepipe Irrigation Lance Sprinkler (Hose)



Product Information:

80 fine holes means that this lance produces a “curtain” of very fine rain 40cms across. Designed for watering greenhouse benching or flower beds.

The lance swivels to 90° in either direction for use with the left or right hand. Also use straight to reach the back of deep borders. With a soft grip it is comfortable to hold with a thumb operated rocker for easy on/off flow control.

The solid brass connector is compatible with both brass or plastic quick connectors. Weighs only 289 grams .

  • 80 Fine holes - 40cm of fine rain
  • 90 Degrees of swivel for left or right handed operation
  • Thumb operated rocker on / off flow control
  • Solid Brass male connector compatible with quick connectors
  • Lightweight 289 grams
  • Ideal for Greenhouse watering, benching and borders

Other Information

  • Model: DW330
  • Manufactured by: Darlac Tools
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