Darlac Hosepipe Impulse Sprinkler and Two Way Spike



Product Information:

Darlac's most robust Impulse Sprinkler, the DW310 is made from zinc alloy unlike cheap plastic imitations.

It is a fully adjustable which means the distance can be controlled by altering the position of the deflector plate, the spread can be adjusted using the 'diffusion screw', the Pattern can be adjusted using the 'Return clip' and 'Limiter Arms' or 360 degrees.

Comes complete with 'Two Way Spike' which facilitates daisy chaining sprinklers.

  • Throws up to 40ft / 12m subject to water pressure
  • Multi sprinkler option (Tap connector DW115 not included)
  • Zinc alloy construction
  • Solid Brass male connector compatible with quick connectors
  • 'Deflector Plate' for distance control
  • 'Diffusion screw' allowing spread control
  • 'Retrun Clip' and 'Limiter Arms' allows pattern or 360 degree control

The sprinkler can be used with the following products which is available for purchase from our shop:-

Adjustable Tripod - DW205 - Allows you to raise the height of the sprinkler increasing the range of the coverage.

Telescopic Riser - DW370 - Screws in to either an Adjustable Tripod or the Ground spike to raise the height of the sprinkler

Other Information

  • Model: DW310-DW340
  • Manufactured by: Darlac Tools
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