Darlac Hosepipe Telescopic Riser



Product Information:

Darlac's Telescopic Riser is the perfect addition to your water irrigation system. The Riser is designed to elevate your garden Sprinkler, Spinner, Mister Bar and even you lawn Sprinkler.

The Riser is 42cm in length when closed, simply unscrew the brass knurled top and it will automaticall rise to 78cm with water pressure.The Riser requires a base to be attached too such as a Tripod, Two Way Spike or a Lawn Baser.

Connection at the Top of the Riser is a Female Thread and at the Bottom is a Male Thread.

Perfect Partners for the Telescopic Riser:-

  • Rolling Baser DW345 (Lawn Sprinkler Base) + Brass 3 Arm Sprinkler Head DW330
  • Two Way Spike DW340 (Impulse Sprinkler Base - with Daisy chain ability)
  • Mister Bar DW335 (Green Hose Temperature Control)
  • Water Spinner Head DW315
  • Impulse Sprinkler Head DW310

Other Information

  • Model: DW370
  • Manufactured by: Darlac Tools
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