Bulldog Premier Garden Sythe Scythette Scythe 32" Shaft

£23.50  £22.00


Product Information:

Ideal for cutting rough grass and foliage in fields which are inaccessible to machinery. With a detachable blade and lightweight tubular steel handle for ease of use. 

Shaft Length:- 32" (800mm)
Handle:- Tubular Steel

  • Pattern / Blade Size 12" (300mm)
  • Handle Length 32"
  • Forged In Britain

The 'Agricultural cutting tool range' is a range of tools designed for cutting rough grass and weeds. Useful for maintaining roadsides, paths and hedges. Hardened tempered forged blades allow the user to re-sharpen them many times. 

Hand Made and Forged in Britain.

Other Information

  • Model: 1914003280
  • Manufactured by: Bulldog Tools
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