Bulldog Evergreen Border Spade Ergo Handle 28" Shaft



Product Information:

Bulldog Evergreen Border Spade Ergo Handle 28" Shaft.  The ideal tool for digging between existing plants and shrubs when working in confined spaces.

  • Shaft with Soft Grip Handle
  • Handle Length 28"
  • Made In Britain


Dimensions - Head Size 9x5.5" (230x140mm)

Shaft Length/Handle 28" (711mm) Ash/Ergo DP Handle

Evergreen Garden Tools is a comprehensive garden tool range for the serious gardener, of solid forged spades and forks with durable carbon steel epoxy coated heads offering rust resistance and reduced soil adhesion. Ergonomic forward angled hilts on spades and forks reduce stress on the wrist while in use. Grips are non-slip for comfort.

Bulldog Tools have been made in England over 200 years.

Made in UK

Buy 'Quality British Products' and reduce your 'Carbon Foot Print'.

Other Information

  • Model: 7102772890
  • Manufactured by: Bulldog Tools
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