Bulldog Evergreen Treaded Spade Long Plain 48" Shaft



Product Information:

Bulldog Evergreen Flat Treaded Spade Long Plain 48" Shaft.  The long handle makes moving gravel and losse materials an easier task, the treads protect the users boots and adda comfor. This longer handled version of the classic garden spade alleviates the need to bend when working in hard ground.

48" Longer shaft, plain handle

Solid forged

Matching fork available

Treaded to protect the users footwear

Dimensions 11.5"x7.5" (290x190mm)

Shaft Length/Handle 48" (1219mm)

Bulldog Tools have been made in England over 200 years.

Made in UK

Buy 'Quality British Products' and reduce your 'Carbon Foot Print'.

Other Information

  • Model: 7149LPH48N
  • Manufactured by: Bulldog Tools
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