Bulldog Premier Boarder Spade 28" Ash Shaft Wooden 'YD' Grip



Product Information:

The narrow blade makes it the perfect alternative to the heavier traditional garden spade when working in confined spaces. Ideal for digging between borders and existing plants.

Dimensions – 9" x 5.5" (230mm x 140mm)

Shaft Length:- 28" (711mm)
Handle:- Ash 'YD' Grip

  • Ash Handle with 'YD' Grip
  • Handle Length 28"
  • Forged In Britain

The 'Premier' range of gardening products are designed for the Professional Landscaper, Contractor and discerning gardener. Combining classic style with strength and durability, the special steel heads are teamed with contoured wooden Ash shafts which mould to the hand with use. This timber is carefully selected for straightness of grain. Each shaft is varnished for weather protection. These tools are available is strapped and treaded versions for heavier gardening work, with a variety of handle types, shafts and heads to suit every need.

Hand Made and Forged in Britain.

Buy 'Quality British Products' and reduce your 'Carbon Foot Print'.

Other Information

  • Model: 5609092820
  • Manufactured by: Bulldog Tools
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