Bulldog Premier Planting Spade Spear 28" Ash Shaft



Product Information:

A narrow bladed spade with tread, giving the user the ability to manoeuvre in small spaces, around roots and plants without causing damage.

Shaft Length 28" (711mm)

Head Size 9 x 4.5" (240x115mm)


  • Tapered Narrow Blade
  • Treaded Blade
  • Metal "D" Grip
  • Forged In Britain

Premier Agricultural Tools, A comprehensive range of agricultural tools for use by farmers and small holders with specific products for the equestrian sector and fencing / highway maintenance contractors.

Hand Made and Forged in Britain.

Buy 'Quality British Products' and reduce your 'Carbon Foot Print'.

Other Information

  • Model: 5518112850
  • Manufactured by: Bulldog Tools
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