Darlac Garden Swop Top Lightweight Pole 2.4m



Product Information:

Standard Telescopic Aluminium Pole extends from 1.31m to 2.44m. Positive twist lock adjustment. Can be used at any length in between max and min sizes. Weighs 0.5 kilo. Will accept any of the Swop Top attachments.

Swop Top Our Swop-Top pruning and cleaning system now incorporates a total of 16 attachments offering immense flexibility. Form fruit picking to pond clearing through to pruning and painting, all tasks can be acheived safely from the ground. All attachments are fitted with a unique plug to fit either size lightweight aluminium telescopic pole. 

  • DP563 Compound Action Tree Pruner
  • DP564 Traditional Pruning Saw.
  • DP565 Sabre Tooth Pruning Saw.
  • DP583 Geared Tree Pruner.

Other Information

  • Model: DP560
  • Manufactured by: Darlac Tools
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