Darlac Garden Swop Top Spiral-Flow Hosepipe



Product Information:

Spiral-Flow will take water to the top of either telescopic pole and has an on/off valve at the base. It connects to the outside of the pole making this a leak free operation. It is held in place with two velcro straps.

Min.: 0.6m
Max.: 5.0m

  • 2 Velcro securing straps
  • On/Off Valve

Swop Top Our Swop-Top pruning and cleaning system now incorporates a total of 16 attachments offering immense flexibility. Form fruit picking to pond clearing through to pruning and painting, all tasks can be acheived safely from the ground. All attachments are fitted with a unique plug to fit either size lightweight aluminium telescopic pole. 

Use with either of the following lightweight aluminium telescopic poles:- 

  • DP560 Regular Pole - Min. Length: 1.31m Max. Length: 2.44m or any length in between, Weight 0.5kg 
  • DP570 Giant Pole - Min. Length: 1.8m Max. Length: 5.0m or any lenght in between, Weight only 1kg.

Other Information

  • Model: DP577
  • Manufactured by: Darlac Tools
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