Darlac Tungsten Blade Sharpener



Product Information:

Darlac Tungsten Blade Sharpener is recommended for very blunt workshop and garden tools, knives and scissors.

It has an integral oil holding sponge which allows you to oil tools after sharpening. For finishing off,

For perfecting a keen edge use DP100 Fine diamond sharpener. Simply copy the angle of the edge and draw the Tungsten Sharpener from the heel along the blade and off the end.



Pruners & Loppers: With any bypass action tool, take care to only sharpen on the outside of the blade. Anvil tools can be sharpened on both sides.

Knives, sickles etc: Sharpen both sides of the blade.

Other Information

  • Model: DP101
  • Manufactured by: Darlac Tools
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