Darlac Micro Irrigation Plant Watering System Manifold



Product Information:

Darlac's Micro Irrigation Manifold allows you to Extend your irrigation system possibilities. Perfect for hanging baskets, grow bags, window boxes, beds, borders and patio planters. Attaches direct to a tap or garden hosepipe

The blanking plate on the end of the manifold can be removed and a succession of manifolds can be screwed on to the first manifold.

Manifold with 5 outlets, 

      • Each outlet can be blocked if not in use by using the supplied plugs. 
      • Manifold is really flexible, it can be attached using it's male tap connector to a standard hosepipe connector, or alternatively directly screwed on to your tap.
      • Blanking plate on the end of the manifold can be removed and another manifold can be screwed on to the first, 2nd 3rd manifold E.T.C, allowing you to have multiple manifolds in succession.
      • Outlets (x5) fit 4mm Poly Pipe

I have a few of these systems in my greenhouse and have been using the system to water my tomato plants in conjunction with a fertiliser dispenser for years. Its quick to setup, easy to install, flexible in its usage and takes all the hard work out of feeding / watering my plants.

Other Information

  • Model: DW720
  • Manufactured by: Darlac Tools
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