Darlac Hosepipe Spinner Sprinkler and Two Way Spike



Product Information:

  • Works well even with low pressure.
  • Throws up to 15FT (30Ft / 9m Diameter, subject to water pressure).
  • Fits all Darlac Bases.
    Robust Construction.
    Multi sprinkler option (with Tap connector DW115, not included).
    Zinc alloy construction.


Ideal for smaller gardens, borders, vegetable patches or for specific areas of a larger garden. The spinner will provide an even coverage of soft rain over the area of 30ft / 9m in diameter subject to water pressure.

Comes complete with 'Two Way Spike' which facilitates daisy chaining sprinklers.

  • The Water Spinner can be used with the following products which is available for purchase from our shop:-
    Adjustable Tripod - DW205 - Allows you to raise the height of the sprinkler increasing the range of the coverage.
  • Telescopic Riser DW370

Other Information

  • Model: DW316-DW340
  • Manufactured by: Darlac Tools
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