Bulldog Premier Garden Sythe Scythette Scythe 32″ Shaft

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  • Shaft Length:- 32″ (800mm)
  • Pattern / Blade Size 12″ (300mm).
  • Handle:- Tubular Steel.
  • Soft Handle Grip.
  • Replacement Blades Available (Not Included)

Ideal for cutting rough grass and foliage in fields which are inaccessible to machinery. With a detachable blade and lightweight tubular steel handle for ease of use.

The ‘Agricultural cutting tool range’ is a range of tools designed for cutting rough grass and weeds. Useful for maintaining roadsides, paths and hedges. Hardened tempered forged blades allow the user to re-sharpen them many times.

Please note for safety reasons, this tool does not come fully sharpened.

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 82 × 20 × 7 cm


Bulldog Tools

Bulldog Tools have been at Clarington Forge, Wigan, England since 1780. Our solid forged spades and forks have heads made from a single piece of steel. The steel is of a specification which results in exceptional strength with the flexibility to absorb all the pressure of hard work without distorting or breaking. Our forged heads are manufactured using Bulldog’s original forging machinery at our Indian facility. Upon completion, the heads are sent back to Clarington Forge, Wigan where we craft the wooden handles from raw material using the same process we have done for generations. The combination of the forged heads and naturally strong ash handles result in producing our Premier range to the highest levels of quality. These tools are the gold standard by which we measure all the tools we make. Our tools are built to last. Their value is in their longevity and that's why it's worth making an investment in a tool that carries the Bulldog name. When we hear that a customer is still using our tools nearly two decades after their purchase, or how our tools have out-lasted other tools and been passed down to the next generation, we're not surprised! It's the reputation the Bulldog brand stands for.