Darlac Coarse Diamond Blade Sharpeners for Secateurs, Shears

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•Maintain an edge whilst removing as little steel
•52 billion diamond particles per sq. inch.
•Perfect for Pruners, Secateurs, Scissors & Knives.
•Full instructions for use included on the packaging.

Just what every gardener needs throughout the season to maintain their trimming / pruning / cutting equipment.

Maintain the optimum edge on all your garden / workshop tools, kitchen scissors / knives. With approx 52 billion diamond particles per sq. inch these sharpeners continue sharpening even when they “smooth out”, exposing more sharpening edges to keep your tools and cutlery in great condition.

The Coarse grade is for roughing in and honing heavier steel before finishing off to a fine edge with a Fine grade sharpener.

Diamond sharpening is the finest way to maintain an edge whilst removing as little steel as possible.

The Coarse Diamond Sharpener is for tools such as hedging shears and axes, preparing any really blunt tools before finishing.

The Fine Diamond Sharpener is ideal for tools such as pruners and knives, any fine cutting blades and for finishing to a fine edge.

Full instructions for use included on the packaging

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