Darlac Garden Super Pro Spray Gun Multi Pattern 9

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Darlac’s Solid Brass Nozzle Spray Gun has a soft grip ring around the nozzle to give 9 different patterns of spray, from a mist for the most delicate of plants to a fierce jet of water (dependant on water pressure) for washing the car or cleaning paving. This quality product is both durable and yet lightweight, has an easy to pull and hold trigger to suit even those with a weaker grip and will easily lock on, for long term usage. On the rear is a volume control to obtain just the right amount of water, especially useful when soil may be washed away from plants or damage to flowers may occur. To complete this deluxe product, the tool connector is also brass.

•9 Adjustable Spray patterns
•All Metal Body for strength and durability
•Solid brass connector to fit any standard hose connector
•Cushioned comfort grip
•Easy pull trigger with locking clip
•Volume Adjustment Control



Darlac advise the following precautions be taken for this product. The precautions are in general common sense, for example all brass and plastic fittings are susceptible to frost and should therefore never be left attached to a water supply in freezing weather conditions.

  • Tugging connected hosepipes places added pressure on tap
  • Always disconnect from tap prior to freezing weather

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