Darlac Garden Swop Top Tree Pruner

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•Cutting Capacity 25mm.
•Double Pulley Dramatically Reduced Effort required.
•Compound Action Cutting.
•Teflon S Coated Blade.
•Lightweight 0.7kg.
•Replacement Parts Available.
•Use with either of Dalac’s Regular or Giant poles (DP560 or DP570).

The compound action gives extra leverage for increased cutting power to this Tree Pruner, a double pulley mechanism is designed minimise by half the effort required to cut. With a Teflon S coated blade to ease friction and prevent the tool from rusting this lightweight pruner really is a great tree pruning tool.   .

The pole is not included, this allows you to choose from a selection of 2 different length poles, to ensure you get the appropriate pole for your requirements.

The ‘Swop Top’ pruning and cleaning system now incorporates a total of 14 attachments offering immense flexibility. Form fruit picking to cleaning through to pruning, all tasks can be achieved safely from the ground. All attachments are fitted with a unique plug to fit either size lightweight aluminium telescopic pole.


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Weight 0.760 kg
Dimensions 44.5 × 22 × 4 cm