Darlac Garden Telescopic Snapper / Tree Pruner with Saw

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This invaluable invention, can be used singlehandedly to reach across beds and borders or to trim soft growth at a distance without treading on plants. Great also for collecting roses or picking holly avoiding the prickles.

The Telescopic tool allows light pruning to be carried out up to 18″ from the ground (Including the users height). The 2 gripper bars will hold the stems once severed enabling the gathering of flowers, fruit or trimmings that are out of reach.

Zinc alloy steel handle, with aluminium shaft and high carbon steel blade make for Strong lightweight construction. Cutting blades can rotate 180 degrees allowing stems to be cut at different angles.

Saw blade included which easily attaches to increase the cut capacity to 175mm
•Swivel Head allows cutting blades to rotate 180 degrees
•Telescopic shaft from 1.8m to 3m
•2 Gripper Bars allows for collection of flowers / trimmings
•Prune those difficult to reach plants
•Great for climbing Shrubs on trellis Ideal for collecting fruit
•Perfect for large beds / borders
•Saw blade included – Easy attachment

Cut Capacity: 16mm
Adjustable Length: 1.8m to 3m
•Suitable for left or right handed use
•Adjustable secondary grip
•Approx. Weight 1.11kg

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Cut Capacity: 16mm
Adjustable Length: 1.8m to 3m

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 192 × 14 × 5 cm


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