Darlac Rapid Rotor Sprinkler Head

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– Garden irrigation rotor head sprinkler
– Water coverage reaches up to 20ft
– Can be effective even at low water pressure
– Fits all Darlac Mix & Match bases
– Ideal for watering young and tender plants with care
– Part of the range of garden sprinkler heads available from Darlac Tools.

The unique design of the Darlac Rapid Rotor Sprinkler Head disperses small water droplets and coarse mist evenly, giving similar coverage across the whole area up to 20ft. It can be extremely effective even at reasonably low pressure, and is kind to young and tender plants.

This garden sprinkler fits all Darlac Mix & Match bases and can be connected directly to the base to suit all your garden watering needs. If you need extra height to provide spray above plants or bushes, simply insert the DW370 Telescopic Riser between the base and the head, or use the DW320 Rapid Rotor Sprinkler Head in conjunction with the DW340 Two Way Spike to easily achieve a multi watering system.

NOTE: This product is the head only. Watering coverage is subject to water pressure.

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Weight 0.101 kg
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 cm


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