Darlac Garden Swop Top Soap Dispenser



Product Information:

  • Ideal for Cleaning windows, conservatories, greenhouses, vehicles, sofit boards.
  • Capacity approx 100 ml
  • On / Off water shut off valve (Black).
  • Open / Close soap compartment valve (Red).
  • Works with liquid or powder detergents.
  • Male base adapter works with most popular hosepipe connector fittings.

Used in conjunction with the DP577 Spiralflow Hosepipe, this dispenser allows for the use of liquid or powder detergent to clean windows, conservatories, soffit boards and gutters.

First remove the valve at the base of the Spiralfow and screw on the Soap Dispenser. The base of the Soap Dispenser has a male connector which is compatible with most popular hose fittings.

The black tap will turn the water on and off whilst the red selector opens up the soap compartment to fill and also alternates the flow between plain water or water with soap.

With the selector on water, turn on the black tap and thoroughly wet the area to be cleaned, then the selector to soap for a very limited period. As soon as enough soap is visible, stop the water flow and spread the soap around the area to clean. Having turned the selector back to water, turn the black tap on again and rinse.

Other Information

  • Model: DP576
  • Manufactured by: Darlac Tools
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