Darlac Auto Drip Irrigation Plant Watering System Kit



Product Information:

Darlac's Automated Drip Irrigation System is simple to use and easy to install. Perfect for hanging baskets, grow bags, window boxes, beds, borders and patio planters, greenhouses and grow bags. Attaches direct to a tap or garden hosepipe.

The Automated system is Time efficient, Water efficient and Cost efficient

Slow and even drip watering prevents soil erosion & overflow whilst promoting healthier and faster growing plants. Water up to 20 plants, with the ability to add use extra drippers for larger pots, baskets or plants that may require more vigorous watering. Each dripper will deliver half a gallon of water per hour.

Kit consists of:-

  1. Electronic Automated Timer (x1)
  2. 3/4" Threaded Connector (x1)
  3. Washer (x1)
  4. 3/4" Hose thread swivel to 1/4" (x1)
  5. 1/4" Barbed tee (x10)
  6. 1/4" Barbed elbow (x2)
  7. 1/4" Barbed connector (x2)
  8. 1/4" Mounting clips (x4)
  9. 1/2" GPH in-line drippers (x10)
  10. 1/2" GPH button drippers (x10)
  11. 1/4" Tube end clamp (x2)
  12. 1/4" Tubing support stakes (x20)
  13. 1/4" Tubing (65'/ 20m)

Other Information

  • Model: DW750
  • Manufactured by: Darlac Tools
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